• Creating a Custom Map

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps, Custom Map

    Google Maps come with very detailed satellite maps for most of the globe and are expanding their road map coverage almost daily so the need to make your own custom map using your own map graphics may … more

  • Understanding Async Events

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps, Events

    I frequently get asked why the following code yields no result:

    GoogleMarker gm = new GoogleMarker("myMarker", 54, 0);


    It's actually the same as asking why the following … more

  • Creating a Static Map

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps, Static Map

    The map control includes support for Google's Static Maps API. The Static Maps API allows you to create a map as an image. This significantly reduces the download required for users viewing a web … more

  • ExternalCallback Example

    Tags: ExternalCallback

    The GoogleMap class includes the ExternalCallback event, which is intended as an alternative way to pass map related data to be processed on the server using callbacks. I'm not going to go into the … more

  • Google Maps for Silverlight

    Tags: Google Maps, Silverlight

    The title is not exactly correct if you had expected the cool DeepZoom maps with Google's imagery. Now you know :-)

    What I am talking is a Silverlight control to display map images from Google's … more

  • Using the OverlayManager

    Tags: OverlayManager, Bing, Maps

    The OverlayManager (Reimers.Silverlight.Bing.OverlayManager) is intended to facilitate displaying overlays on the Bing Maps Silverlight control. The map control is very good for displaying map … more

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