• Using Linq2Rest as a Client

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Web

    In this tutorial I explained how to use Linq2Rest in an ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC application. This time we will be looking at how to use Linq2Rest in a client application in order to generate a web … more

  • Using Linq2Rest

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Web

    When I published the release version of Linq2Rest, I knew that this was only the technical side of the project. In order for a project to be useful (or even used), user must be able to get started … more

  • Displaying Infowindows

    Tags: Google Maps Infowindow

    InfoWindows are handled differently in version 3 of Google's map API than in version 2. In version 3 they are overlays in their own right, which means that it is possible to display several … more

  • Handling Map Events

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps

    Once you have added some markers to your map you will want them to do something other than merely sit there, i.e. you will want them to react to some event or other. Most commonly you will want them … more

  • Targeting Version 3 of Google Maps

    Tags: Google, Map, Control, ASP.NET

    The Google Maps API has moved to version 3 some time ago, and it has taken some time to update the map control. There is now a build that targets the new API and implements most of the features in the … more

  • Your First Map

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps

    The Google Maps .NET Control is designed to render with a minimum of user input and almost works as drag and drop. If you are using Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer Express you can add the … more

  • Adding Overlays to Maps

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps

    The whole point of displaying a map on your page is to present some information. Google's Map API allows you to display two types of overlays: markers and polylines. For the free version these are the … more

  • Using Custom Icons

    Tags: Tutorial, Google Maps

    The GoogleMarker uses a default red bubble shaped icon when no custom icon is specified. However if you want something a little more personal or unique you can create your own custom icons. This … more

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