Google Maps for Mobile Phone

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Since Google does not to my knowledge provide an API for putting map applications on your mobile phone I did some coding around theStatic Maps API that they do make available.

On browsers that support html input fields of type image (<input type="image"  />) it is possible to move around the map by clicking the map image. Unfortunately not many mobile phone browsers support this, so I added some navigation buttons with the map.

Since mobile browsers don't have very advanced JavaScript capabilities all map movement is done server side using C#. This of course means that you don't get any AJAX features and that you will need to download a lot of map images (I tried to make the map start at your IP's geographic location, but this is not 100% accurate). On the plus side though you do get the possiblity of determining your location while you are on the move and can send this to other people in a text message.


I have continued the development of the mobile application, which has brought some huge speed increases in the position calculation.

On the UI side I have added some movement buttons and a local search feature. The local search uses the map center as the search origin. If your map doesn't start in the location you think you are in then you can use this feature to search for your location (either as city or address). Once you have set your location you can start to search using the local search, and the search results will be the ones close to your position.

I use this feature to find restaurants or shops when I'm on the move. Another practical use of this is to send an SMS to someone (or more) with your position. Click on a search result and have your phone send out the link to the current page to someone using the phone browser's own 'Send Page' functionality.

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