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  • Considerations for a WebSocket Library

    Tags: websocket

    I recently release version 2.0 of the WebSocket# library which changes the API significantly from the original websocket library (WebSocket#) which I cloned.

    So what is the difference? First of all … more

  • Streaming Support in WebSocket#

    Tags: websockets, streaming

    In my clone of the websocket-sharp project I wanted to add support for infinite streams as defined by the websocket RFC. The original project would eagerly consume any received message in order to … more

  • How to Handle Query Expressions for Untyped Values?

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Types

    One of the first decisions when starting Linq2Rest was that it was not going to follow the elaborate type description rules in the OData standard. Even though it may seem a bit schizophrenic Linq2Rest … more

  • PredicateMapper - Converting Expression Trees

    Tags: Linq2Rest, Expression Trees

    Recently I had a use case where I wanted to expose some data as a queryable service but did not want to expose the internal data model externally. This is essentially a problem of not leaking your … more

  • Member Aliasing in Linq2Rest

    Tags: Linq2Rest

    A recent issue was raised for Linq2Rest where aliased properties are not supported when generating the OData style query URL. I pushed changes to the library which should now include support for … more

  • ScriptCS Code Rewriting - What for?

    Tags: ScriptCS, roslyn

    Recently I submitted an idea to the ScriptCS team to support code rewriting. Being the smart people that they are, they liked the idea. Here I am going to describe some of the thinking behind the idea … more

  • Evaluating Coupling

    Tags: metrics, ScriptCS

    In a previous post I described the metrics data in the ScriptCs.Metrics script pack. In this post I will describe one way where these metrics can be relevant - I'll be focusing on class coupling (or … more

  • Using ScriptCs.Metrics

    Tags: ScriptCS, roslyn, metrics

    I wrote a previous announcement about a code metrics script pack for ScriptCs. I have been working on it and developing the API since the initial release, so I can now describe how to use it. But … more

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