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  • ScriptCS Code Rewriting - What for?

    Tags: ScriptCS, roslyn

    Recently I submitted an idea to the ScriptCS team to support code rewriting. Being the smart people that they are, they liked the idea. Here I am going to describe some of the thinking behind the idea … more

  • Using ScriptCs.Metrics

    Tags: ScriptCS, roslyn, metrics

    I wrote a previous announcement about a code metrics script pack for ScriptCs. I have been working on it and developing the API since the initial release, so I can now describe how to use it. But … more

  • Spell Checking Your Code Using Roslyn

    Tags: Code Review, roslyn

    Many coding standards define that the code must be written in English, using English naming. Even though the vast majority of developers speak English, if you are not in a country where English is a … more

  • Calculating Lack of Cohesion of Methods with Roslyn

    Tags: roslyn, LCOM, metrics

    The single responsibility principle is the first of the SOLID principles. While that doesn't make it the most important, it is one of the important design concerns in object-oriented programming. … more

  • My First Script Pack

    Tags: roslyn, metrics, ScriptCS

    Recently I published a script pack which calculates code metrics on an arbitrary code snippet. I will later why this is a bit of a stretch. If you don't know what a script pack is, then you should … more

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