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  • How to Handle Query Expressions for Untyped Values?

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Types

    One of the first decisions when starting Linq2Rest was that it was not going to follow the elaborate type description rules in the OData standard. Even though it may seem a bit schizophrenic Linq2Rest … more

  • Creating a REST interface for a CQRS application

    Tags: REST, CQRS

    I recently got caught in a discussion about how to integrate a REST interface with a CQRS based architecture. First of I should mention that I am not a CQRS expert, which is why I will keep the focus … more

  • Using Linq2Rest as a Client

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Web

    In this tutorial I explained how to use Linq2Rest in an ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC application. This time we will be looking at how to use Linq2Rest in a client application in order to generate a web … more

  • Using Linq2Rest

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Web

    When I published the release version of Linq2Rest, I knew that this was only the technical side of the project. In order for a project to be useful (or even used), user must be able to get started … more

  • Queryable Web Services - Parsing Query Strings to LINQ

    Tags: REST, LINQ, Query

    I have previously made a stab at supposedly RESTful webservices where the response type is determined by a part of the request URI and not the Accept header as it should be. This time I have been … more

  • Accept Headers for HTML Tags

    Tags: HTML, REST, Accept Header

    RESTful services are in fashion at the moment, but there is some disagreement as to what actually constitutes RESTfulness (if that is an actual word). A lot of times I hear that a service is RESTful … more

  • Consuming REST Services from Silverlight

    Tags: REST, Google, API, Silverlight

    Silverlight has a relatively advanced network stack which allows you to perform GET and POST requests to both the same domain or other domains, provided they expose a cross-domain policy … more

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