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  • How to Handle Query Expressions for Untyped Values?

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Types

    One of the first decisions when starting Linq2Rest was that it was not going to follow the elaborate type description rules in the OData standard. Even though it may seem a bit schizophrenic Linq2Rest … more

  • PredicateMapper - Converting Expression Trees

    Tags: Linq2Rest, Expression Trees

    Recently I had a use case where I wanted to expose some data as a queryable service but did not want to expose the internal data model externally. This is essentially a problem of not leaking your … more

  • Member Aliasing in Linq2Rest

    Tags: Linq2Rest

    A recent issue was raised for Linq2Rest where aliased properties are not supported when generating the OData style query URL. I pushed changes to the library which should now include support for … more

  • Reactive Extensions is More Than Async

    Tags: Rx, Reactive, Linq2Rest

    A short while ago I asked for some feedback for the latest addition to the Linq2Rest project, Linq2Rest.Reactive, and the feedback I got started some thinking about why I was going for one solution … more

  • Using Linq2Rest as a Client

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Web

    In this tutorial I explained how to use Linq2Rest in an ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC application. This time we will be looking at how to use Linq2Rest in a client application in order to generate a web … more

  • Using Linq2Rest

    Tags: Linq2Rest, LINQ, REST, Web

    When I published the release version of Linq2Rest, I knew that this was only the technical side of the project. In order for a project to be useful (or even used), user must be able to get started … more

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