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  • Using the OverlayManager

    Tags: OverlayManager, Bing, Maps

    The OverlayManager (Reimers.Silverlight.Bing.OverlayManager) is intended to facilitate displaying overlays on the Bing Maps Silverlight control. The map control is very good for displaying map … more

  • 4D Maps with Silverlight

    Tags: Bing, OverlayManager, Maps

    The OverlayManager for the Bing Maps Silverlight control now lets you define time to your overlays through the VisibleTimeRange property, which means that it will filter out any overlays who are … more

  • Moving to Silverlight Maps

    Tags: Bing, Map, Silverlight, OpenStreetMaps

    As I have written about previously I have made a decision to move on from AJAX map applications and start working with Silverlight. I have chosen to go with the Silverlight Map Control from Microsoft. … more

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