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  • Consuming REST Services from Silverlight

    Tags: REST, Google, API, Silverlight

    Silverlight has a relatively advanced network stack which allows you to perform GET and POST requests to both the same domain or other domains, provided they expose a cross-domain policy … more

  • Added Google Analytics Reader for .NET

    Tags: Google, Analytics, API

    I found out yesterday that Google recently launched anAnalytics API. That is a very welcome to their APIs. But I was surprised to find that .NET developers were left to create their own HTTP requests … more

  • Translate Resource Files

    Tags: Google, API, Translation

    Today at work I was faced with the problem of checking if an application properly supported localization. I wrote a quick console application that takes the file location of the resource file that you … more

  • Using Google's Translation API from .NET

    Tags: Google, API, Translation

    Today I experienced what lazy translators think they can get away with because their clients can't speak a language (which was what prompted the need for a translator). I thought to myself that … more

  • Google AJAX Search API

    Tags: Google, AJAX, API

    Google has released a new AJAX search API for implementation in web pages. The AJAX API allows for web, local, video and blog searches. Google still has their Web API where you can search web pages … more

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