Enumeration of the supported ad formats.

Namespace: Reimers.Google.Map.Controls
Assembly: Reimers.Google.Map (in Reimers.Google.Map.dll) Version: (


public enum AdFormat


Member nameValueDescription
Banner0 A horizontal "banner" ad. (468x60px)
Button1 A small ad. (125x125px)
Half_Banner2 A smaller horizontal "banner" ad. (234x60px)
Large_Rectangle3 A large rectangulare ad. (336x280px)
Leaderboard4 A fully horizontal display area. (728x90px)
Medium_Rectangle5 A medium rectangular ad. (300x250px)
Skyscraper6 A large vertical ad. (120x600px)
Small_Rectangle7 A small rectangular ad. (180x150px)
Small_Square8 A smaller square ad. (200x200px)
Square9 A square ad with large type. (250x250px)
Vertical_Banner10 A medium-sized vertical ad. (120x240px)
Wide_Skyscraper11 A wide, vertical ad using larger type. (160x600px)

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