[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:Reimers.Google.Map.Controls"]


Public classAdSenseControl
The AdSense control.
Public classMapControl
The abstract class from which map control should be derived.
Public classMapControlCollection
Holds a list of GoogleControls.
Public classMapTypeControl
The normal map type control.
Public classOverviewMapControl
The overview map.
Public classPanControl
The pan control.
Public classRotateControl
The scale control.
Public classScaleControl
The scale control.
Public classStreetViewControl
The street view control.
Public classZoomControl
The small zoom control.


Public enumerationAdFormat
Enumeration of the supported ad formats.
Public enumerationControlPosition
Enumeration of different anchor positions.
Public enumerationMapTypeControlStyle
Enumeration of supported map type control styles.
Public enumerationZoomControlStyle
Enumeration of supported zoom control styles.