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Public classArgumentEventArgs
Holds event information for argument based events.
Public classBoundsEventArgs
Holds event information for bounds related events.
Public classCircle
Defines a rectangle on the map.
Public classCoordinatesCollection
Holds a collection of ICoordinates.
Public classCoordinatesEventArgs
Holds information for coordinate related events.
Public classExtensions
Defines extension methods for map control.
Public classIcon
Creates a custom icon for a marker.
Public classInfoWindow
Displays contextual information on a Map.
Public classLatLngBounds
LatLngBounds represents a 2-dimensional bounding box.
Public classMap
Renders a Map on an ASP.NET 3.5 or 4 page.
Public classMapClientSideHandlers
A set of clientside functions to handle map events on the client.
Public classMapEventArgs
Holds event information for map events.
Public classMarker
Renders a marker on a Map.
Public classMarkerClientSideHandlers
A set of clientside functions to handle marker events on the client.
Public classOptionsBase
Holds the base implementation of the IOverlayOptions interface.
Public classOverlayBase
The abstract class from which all map overlays should be derived.
Public classOverlayCollection
Holds a collection of OverlayBase.
Public classOverlayEventArgs
Holds event information for overlay related events.
Protected classOverlayTypes
Public classPixelEventArgs
Holds event information for pixel related events.
Public classPoint
Holds the screen coordinates for a point on a Map.
Public classPolygon
Renders a polygon on a Map.
Public classPolyline
Renders a line on a Map.
Public classPolylineClientSideHandlers
A set of clientside functions to handle Polyline and Polygon events.
Public classRectangle
Defines a rectangle on the map.
Public classSize
Creates a Size class to hold size values.
Public classSpan
GoogleSpan defines a viewport in terms of numbers of longitudes and latitudes covered.
Public classUndefinedOverlay
Public class for overlays that cannot be determined as another type.
Public classUtmPosition
Holds the geographic coordinates for a point on a Map in UTM format.
Public classZoomEventArgs
Holds event information for zoom related events.


Public structureLatLng
Holds the geographic coordinates for a point on a Map in WGS84 decimal format.


Public interfaceIOverlayOptions
Defines the default interface for overlay options.
Public interfaceIStateSerializable
Interface for classes that support state serialization.


Public delegateOverlayCollectionHandler
Delegate for handling OverlayCollection events.