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Public interfaceIAddress
Defines the base interface for a geographic address.
Public interfaceICoordinates
Defines the interface for geographic coordinates.
Public interfaceICountryDetails
Public interface for structured country information.
Public interfaceIGeoArea
Public interface for a geographic area.
Public interfaceIGeography
Marker interface for geographical types.
Public interfaceIGeoLocation
Public interface for geographic location.
Public interfaceIGeoPolygon
Public interface for polygon.
Public interfaceIGeoPolyline
Public interface for polyline.
Public interfaceIGeoRectangle
Defines the base interface for a geographic rectangle.
Public interfaceILocalSearchQuery
Defines the public interface for a local search query.
Public interfaceILocalSearchResult
Defines the public interface for local search results.
Public interfaceIOverlay
Public interface for a map overlay.
Public interfaceIOverlayCollection
Defines the public interface for an overlay collection.
Public interfaceIWikipediaEntry
Public interface for retrieved Wikipedia entries.


Public enumerationAreaLevel
Enumeration of available detail levels.
Public enumerationDataFormat
Enumeration of different data formats.
Public enumerationGeocodeAccuracy
Enumeration of different accuracies of a geocode result.
Public enumerationGeocodeStatus
Enumeration of different status codes for Google's Geocode service.
Public enumerationRequestType
Enumeration of supported geocoding request types.
Public enumerationTravelMode
Enumeration of travel modes when requesting directions.
Public enumerationUnits
Enumeration of different units for length measurement.